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What is the path system for Hajj and Umrah? Masar hajj is a mobile application that manage hajj company and connects hajj person if need halp to direct location and transportation system, allowing them to locate them,at any time during their route. Masar system helps Hajj and Umrah companies to track and trace the movement of buses designated for pilgrims and Hajj from the moment the buses leave until they reach their destination safely, as well as access to any pilgrim or Hajj in case he is lost, and it also allows the pilgrim or pilgrim to reach the place of the bus or the camp or hotel also there are many features to help.

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Download App

Please ask us for a fully functional demo here. Get to know the power of the Masar Hajj tool. Download our app to use exciting feature our MassarHajj be part,of MassarHajj community.

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Here you can find some screenshots of the Masar Hajj App.Hajj is the fifth pillar among the five pillars of Islam. This obligation depends on the financial and physical position of the Muslim. If you are financially stable, so you must perform hajj and Umrah as soon as you could. Please ask for a fully functional demo, including our web management system, using our contact form.


SAR 44/per/month

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SAR 77/per/month

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SAR 224/per/month

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Business Pro Lite

SAR 300/per/month

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